Our Collection

Grading Standards


Movie Arcade use the following system for grading posters and Lobby cards and will endeavour to be as accurate as possible:


Mint Condition: (M)

A Poster that may never have been used or displayed.   The poster should have no holes or tears.

Near Mint Condition: (NMC)
A very lightly used poster with colours  still bright  and vibrant with no damage of any kind.  The poster will have no holes, tears, or paper loss.

Very Fine Condition: (VFC)
Colours are very bright, with a clean overall apearance.  It may have general signs of use such as folds or pin-holes in the border.  Very lightly used.  No Major flaws.

Fine Condition:  (FC)
A poster with good colours and very presentable appearance.  It may have pinholes, some folds and minor stains on outer edges.

Very Good Condition: (VGC)
Good colour and overall very presentable appearance. Could have pinholes, some staining from tape, water, etc., .

Good Condition: (G)
Acceptable used condition.  Can have pin-holes or tape on border.  Nothing significantly wrong with the actual image.  Possible minor fading or scratches. There may be some varying degree of restoration.

Fair Condition:  (F)
Signs of usage.  Perhaps separation along fold lines.  Fading, excessive pin-holes or possible border paper loss. There may be some varying degree of restoration.